From our beginning, Lutron has been central to what we do at AV club. Their products are the key to what makes our lighting control systems and motorized window treatments so reliable and delightful to use. Therefore we are thrilled to have the privilege to offer the newest category of products that Lutron offers, lighting fixtures by Ketra.

Founded in 2009 in Austin, Ketra is known as the leader in LED lighting fixture technology. Their driver chip has transformed what is possible in LED lighting, rendering colors accurately throughout the range of color temperatures of white light, dimming to below 1%, and adjusting the recipe of light to enhance the vibrancy and saturation of whatever it illuminates. In 2018 they were acquired by Lutron and their luminaires now seamlessly integrate with the full Lutron QS line of products.

Ketra lighting needs to be experienced to see how truly different it is from what we have come to expect from LED lighting. If you are interested in invigorating your home or office with this unparalleled technology, please reach out to setup a time when we can demonstrate this lighting to you in person.